Workshops and seminar are a great opportunity to learn basic strategies in the context of a group activity. Workshops and seminaries are interactive and experiential. You will learn from me (and a guest speaker if that is the case), as well as from the other people’s questions and insights on the chosen topic.

Workshops and seminars are intended as informational tools not only for the people that want to work on certain specific issues, but also for family members, friends, or any person dealing with public attendance (teachers, daycare assistants, secretaries, etc.) interested in understanding how to deal with those issues when present in people they care for or they work with.

Imagine what controlling stress could do to increase your life’s productivity. Imagine the strength of your decisions and actions if you could discern your priorities with consistency and perseverance. Imagine what all of this could do to empower your self-image, and hence your confidence in yourself.*

What could your life become if you undergo through this positive changes? What great potential could you acquire if you discover your internal guidance? How can all of this directly and positively influence your life and relationships?*

Workshops and seminars can be centered on subjects like: 

  • Motivation
  • Understanding yourself
  • Organizational skills
  • Learning to focus
  • Learning about Hypnosis
  • Combining Nutrition with Hypnosis
  • Combining Sports with Hypnosis
  • Relationships
  • Better Living
  • Good habits versus bad habits.
  • Anger control
  • Leadership
  • Empowerment
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