All Day Alternative Approach

Hypnotherapy for Alternative Integrated (Full Day) Sessions

All day alternative approach with hypnosis

This service consists of several full day integrated sessions, approached with powerful holistic and clinical components, destined for those who want to address a combination of issues and problems that have been unresolved for years. These full-length sessions are for those who are committed to address at once their issues and have the discipline and dedication to face them, producing the necessary changes, under guidance.

Among some of the must common groups of problems I could site as examples are: social issues, anxiety, insomnia, fear, pain, sadness, relationship frustrations, identity problems, couple’s internal dynamic and understanding, self-esteem, self-realization, lack of motivation, etc.*

Among some of the most common aspects integrated during the sessions are: the importance of today versus the past, body movement (and language) integration, perceptions and the changing of perceptions with the neuro-lingusitic programing approach, discovery of distortions caused by the personal manipulations of reality, a fresher new (restoration) at your personal reality with reframing definitions, discovery of the roll of creativity in your life, understanding yourself, and reassurance of your personality.*

The sessions will take approximately 7.5 hours per day with two breaks: a 20 minutes break after the first 2 hours, and a lunch or dinner break after the 4th hour.

These full day integrated sessions are intense, but highly recommended for hard working, concentrated, disciplined and efficient people that don’t have a flexible work schedule (due to excess work hours or travels). This way, instead of constantly finding time for a number of one hour and a half sessions spread through several weeks, they can find solution to their problems in a more focused time spam.*

Every human being is a complex unity within it’s own diversity. Therefore, the integration of all those diverse parts into a unity of harmony and understanding is an important factor of joy and happiness.*

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Professional Hypnotherapy Fort Lauderdale Hypnosis is a rapidly expanding field. More and more people discover the relief that Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Life Coaching can bring to resolve and understand their physical and emotional problems*. In my office, I provide comprehensive results to my clients*. You will learn to understand yourself better, as well as to implement changes (through your own resolutions) that will help you re-direct your life towards the fulfilling existence that you want.*