hypnotherapy for children
Hypnotherapy for Children
Hypnotherapy for Children

When you come to my office looking for help regarding your relationship with your children, you will learn to redirect and re-evaluate many of the complex issues that configure the communication between your own family members. Both, parents and children, must learn from each other, and must support each other in their family decisions and experiences.*

How do we stay in the same page? What are the repetitive patterns? How can we recognize and understand? What is what our children need? How do we communicate successfully?

With Hypnotherapy for Children, You will all progressively learn how to stay away from the negative thought and action cycle: resentment, hate, blame, manipulation, threats, and the constant bad habit of talking about family issues under the bases of out of context patterns. You will switch your emphasis on a more positive attitude tending towards love, understanding, forgiveness, kindness, mutual respect of each of your differences, and appreciation of their own uniqueness.*

Imagine what the inevitable result will be! Your family life will completely change its dynamics towards a supportive, lovable, stimulating, and interactive environment.

Children look at their parents as role models, and parents grow in their own understanding while educating their children. The dynamic of this communication is one of the most enriching experiences for either side. Like with any other relationship, it is important to understand the difference between each other, and to teach and reciprocate that difference into understanding.

Family misunderstandings are based on the many different ways in which its members perceive reality. With a little patience and dedication, our hypnotherapy for children will get the results that you need right in the comfort of my office.*

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