hypnotherapy for insomnia

Do you have difficulty falling or staying asleep during the night? Do you have a terrible experience while falling asleep or while waking up? If the answers are yes, then you suffer from insomnia.

The negative consequences of insomnia are many: lack of energy and concentration during the day, all sort of emotional problems like sadness, irritability, intolerance, etc. (that can lead to the destruction of meaningful relationships), stress in social interaction, and many more.

What causes insomnia? I have worked over the years on hundreds of cases related to insomnia. In some cases, the cause might be the dissatisfaction of personal issues related to work. In other instances, the cause could be related to issues of a more personal nature like poor communication or lack of support from a spouse or loved one, or the lack of personal boundaries, or the not understanding related to how to express those boundaries.

We resist the things that we don’t want to do or feel dissatisfied about. Resisting what we don’t want would lead us to contradictions because we keep bringing back the thought of what we want to avoid. Resisting and contradicting ourselves lead us to internal and external conflicts. Conflicts create problems. Problems generate anxiety and dissatisfaction that, if not resolved, can lead into insomnia.

I will help you discern and understand the nature of those contradicting thoughts that are creating your problems. Once you can discern and understand with more clarity, you can then focus on thoughts that are of a positive nature. Through deep levels of hypnosis, you will learn to discern the good thoughts from the bad thoughts. This will help you appreciate and correct your perception.*

Positive thinking leads to inner peace. Peace and relaxation are basic components of a good sleep. Deep sleep during the night is essential in order to function with confidence and stability during the day.*

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