Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression Therapy = Clarity

Have you ever had a mysterious fear about something, but you don’t know why? Have you ever been stuck in a pattern that you know is not healthy, but you can’t seem to change? When people who encounter life’s challenges and have trouble moving forward with issues such as these, they may decide to seek the professional consultation of a hypnotherapist. But did you know one of the treatments your therapist may use can look into your past lives? Its called Past Life Regression. It sounds like a movie plot too far-fetched to be true, but you may be surprised by what can be uncovered.

Past life regression (PLR) therapy has been featured on television and in books for many years; it is not something brand new. However, some hypnotherapists have had continued success helping their patients overcome persistent personal obstacles that were originally rooted in an experience from a previous lifetime.

Many people who have experienced past life regression therapy feel that many of their current day actions, feelings, and thoughts are influenced from past lives. Physical illnesses, unhealthy relationship patterns, phobias, and negative outlooks on self and/or life could all be symptoms from a past life.

For example, if you have an unaccountable fear of water, you may have endured a trauma involving yourself or a loved one in a past life who had a negative or painful experience involving water or drowning. When you and your hypnotherapist are able to uncover information about your past life, it can help put some perspective into your current one. Bringing the issues to the surface and understanding where the phobia stems from can help you move forward and develop positive, rational feelings for this lifetime.

Remembering past lives has not been scientifically proven. Still, many people claim a feeling of spiritual connection along with a new outlook to help break bad habits and patterns. Some may even find some underlying strengths that can be brought out during PLR therapy. Even if you have some skepticism, PLR therapy may help bring out unknown issues that may be of significance to your life.