Pain Management hypnosis

Pain Management for Rejuvenating Life Energy

Did you ever think that the way you paid attention to certain things could have been the reason for pain? Is your attention on certain things causing you trouble? Let’s look at it in an elaborate manner.

There’s chronic or temporary pain and for some people, medications are the only solution left! But in many ways, Pain Management in Fort Lauderdale will help you relieve, diminish or destroy that. The pain management process involves natural methods. They are easy and very accessible to you. The moment you know how to use it (pain management) yourself, you will create a better life for yourself.

I once asked an experienced orthopedic friend of mine the following question:

Dr, what do you think about the usage of medications and the relationship between pain and the medication?

What he replied amazed me. He said,

“If you come to me because you have a fracture, I will need some time to re-arrange the ligaments and the muscles. Even I will have to arrange the bones in order for proper healing. Once the healing process has started after arrangement, it’s always good for the body to do its work to heal, on medications. It is good to have medications at that point of time for reducing pain caused by the re-arrangement. But once you started healing, it is best to get away from medicines and heal through a natural process”

My name is Guillermo Leon and I dedicate this article to those that are “seeking a solution within the problem.” My approach is Clinical Hypnosis. With proper usage of Hypnosis, pain can be destroyed, alleviated, diminished or controlled. In my office, you will learn to change your focus and perception, through concentration and relaxation. We i.e. you and I would be looking together to deal with what you wanted to Avoid Unconsciously.

N.B: I am not trying to say that you would stop the supervision from your physician or that you would not take the medications that you have been prescribed. Medicines could be an imperative necessity for many.

Moreover, I am not here to diagnose as I am not a Medical Doctor. All I am saying is that if you are looking for an Alternative Solution other that what you have been doing, I have the right solutions for you. If you are stuck and frustrated with your pain and you have had enough with that, then I am your guy!

The first thing that I will tell you is that I will need a Medical Referral from your doctor. This is a recommendation on what to do or in what area(s) to work in your body. It’s easy and your doctor will know what to do. If you need an idea on how to get a medical referral, contact me. I will give you examples on how to get your doctor to give you that letter or send it to me.

Once I have the medical referral, I will prove to you in every possible way I can that: ‘Light is at the end of the tunnel, and that pain doesn’t have to be there of all eternity.’ We will measure this with your results only and not with what I say.

Thoughts, Emotions, Anger and Failure

Thoughts and emotions could play a major role, influenced by our imagination, based on the concentration and the ability to avoid pain.

Repeated practice of our exercises will help you to use your abilities. It can be influencing your thoughts by decreasing the necessity to create stimulus in order to avoid pain. The stimulus is a basic human necessity for not having pain because it feels unnatural. This result in insomnia, not letting us sleep well or rest, creating relentless stress and frustration, sorrow, anger, sadness and more. This cycle creates a negative pattern of fear. The improper usage of fear creates a perspective outcome that is designed to avoid the pain.

With me, you will learn:

  • The proper usage of imagination with exercises of relaxation
  • Dissociation
  • Revivification
  • Creating patterns of motivation

This will inevitably lead to gradual and consistent results. You will learn the proper usage and how to balance your body, to walk, or to lay or to sleep with ease and according to what your body needs. You will learn how to direct your emotions and your impulses into positive thoughts. You will feel the freedom and peace which comes from positivity.

It is all about tailoring the session for you and your specific needs based on your story. It’s the story that you will change according to the way you felt after you focused on the right way. This will give you the chance to walk, sit, feel, and sleep in a much better way.

What is Pain Management?

It is the process on how to understand to direct your thoughts to change the results by avoiding the pain in your body. It is a gradual way to move towards the healing which your body needs. I will do it by allowing your body to heal using the techniques of Hypnosis. It is a method that enhances the resources of your body and mind together.

If you are truly looking for a solution and have been trying hard; but are stuck with the same problems, it’s high time that you connect with me. It is because, if these problems persist for prolonged durations, you will get tired of it.

So, if you want to achieve

  • A good sound sleep
  • Rest and
  • Slowly learn how to use your physical abilities to re-organize your life to have the quality you deserve, then I am your guy.

I will help you get the joy you deserve and the peace that comes in the form of result through Pain Management in Fort Lauderdale.