Hypnotherapy for Children

Children with Issues and Hypnosis

Children with issues can be treated with hypnosis far better than adults. Children are much more responsive to hypnosis over adults due to them being more suggestible. By using various techniques including visualization, stories, puppets and role-playing, desired results in children can happen relatively quickly. This has to do with the child’s active imagination which opens them up to being more suggestible.

Adults typically have years of conditioning and resistance to trying new things or change. Children on the other hand are quite receptive to new things like hypnosis. Children do not question the process of hypnotherapy. Adults due to what they have heard from friend or have seen on T.V. may feel that hypnosis is a bunch of nonsense. Many showman who perform on stage by putting supposed audience members into a trance, create the illusion that hypnotism is just for making you quack like a duck. With the adult mind, resistance to hypnotherapy can happen both in the conscious mind as well as the unconscious mind, thus making blocking one from being hypnotized. Children do not have the experience to put up walls about hypnotism due to the lack of exposure to society.

By using hypnosis in children, many issues and disorders can be addressed and corrected. Some of them include fear of the dark or monsters under the bed, thumb sucking, dealing with death in the family or friends, divorcing parents, self-esteem, bedwetting, anxiety, learning problems, academic performance, nightmares, and coping with traumatic events. These are just a few of the issues that children have that hypnosis can address.

You should never neglect the mind of your child and hypnosis can be very positive and empowering. Knowing that children are very receptive to hypnosis, it should not be overlooked and can help with the struggles of being a parent of a troubled child.