5 Health Issues You Can Overcome With Hypnotherapy

Some people struggle for years with health issues with no resolution. Here are the 5 health issues you can overcome with hypnotherapy.

You primary care physician may tell you to try relaxation techniques, increase physical activity, or give you a prescription to help with your symptoms. However, some individuals prefer to find a solution rather than using a technique that is not addressing the real issue. For many health issues, a psychological factor plays a large role in the onset and continuation of one’s symptoms. It is not always the treatment thought of first, but hypnotherapy is one of the best treatments to target the physical and psychological aspects of your health.

So here are the 5 issues you can overcome with hypnotherapy

  1. Hypnotherapy can help ease physical pain. Patients who suffer with arthritis, fibromyalgia, or ongoing pain from an injury may find a benefit from hypnotherapy sessions. When the mind is in a more relaxed state during hypnotherapy sessions, the therapist can utilize the power of suggestion to help ease the sensation of daily pain.
  2. Hypnotherapy can help improve sleep. Studies have shown that those who are susceptible to hypnosis have improved sleep after listening to hypnosis recordings prior to falling asleep. This research proves promising to those who suffer from insomnia, and may be more desired by those who dislike sleep medications.
  3. Hypnotherapy can help diminish anxiety. Expectations play a huge role in the onset of anxiety. Not being able to know what’s going to happen in situations such as work, surgery, divorce, or a chronic illness can push your feelings to the edge. Hypnotherapy can tap into the mind and help the patient adjust their expectations, creating a calmer outcome.
  4. Hypnotherapy can help you quit smoking. Everybody knows that smoking is not a healthy habit. But for most of those who smoke, quitting is very, very difficult. If you’ve tried the patches and gum but had no luck, hypnotherapy is a drug-free alternative. Hypnotherapy for smoking cessation works best when you truly have a deep and real desire to want to quit. If you’re just doing it to please someone else, you may not have a successful result.
  5. Hypnotherapy can help the symptoms irritable bowel syndrome. A 2003 study of 204 patients with irritable bowel syndrome showed that 71 percent reported improvement after 12 one-hour sessions of hypnotherapy. Amazingly, 81 percent of those who felt improvement still continued to feel better up to 6 years later!


Some patients who utilize hypnotherapy see results in just one session. But most patients need multiple sessions to truly see an improvement. Your willingness to trust your therapist and ability to relax during treatment will improve your outcome. Your therapist can advise you on what to expect during your treatment as well as an average of how many sessions it will take to treat your issue. When you look at the big picture, a finite amount of hypnotherapy versus a lifetime of medication is truly a healthier option to pursue. A consultation with a licensed hypnotherapist can help you on the journey to wellness.

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