4 Things to Know on Hypnotherapy for Pain Management

You know what is good for you and what is bad, right? Then what keeps you from breaking that habit which you know is harmful for you?

Some way or the other we all have faced such problems in life. And the reason for this difficulty is nothing but a battle between the conscious and the subconscious mind. No matter how motivated you are at the conscious level, but the secret lies with motivating the subconscious mind.

Before opting hypnotherapy for Pain Management there are some important things that you must know. Today this article will help you to understand hypnotherapy and its purposes in a broad manner.


Most of you have a bad feeling on getting hypnotized by a person as you may have seen on stage shows. But hypnotherapy by therapists has nothing to do with that. It is all about understanding oneself. In short Hypnotherapy helps in self realization and self awareness.

4 things to know on Hypnotherapy

These are the points that you should know. This will help you find the best results. Homework always helps you to pass with flying colors. So consider these points as a guide for hypnotherapy.

It’s a Lot Different than on Stage Shows

There are many of you who feel scared by only listening to the term hypnosis. But hypnosis for pain management is totally safe. You are taken under control but you don’t bark or dance as you are asked to. No, this is a complete misconception.

The shows are pre planned for entertainment purposes. But what you are looking for is making you aware of your body, mind and surroundings through therapeutic hypnosis sessions.

There are No Hidden Miracles

Hypnosis doesn’t create miracles for you. See, pain can come from a variety of factors. Some of them are stress, anxiety, depression. These all gets developed with time and comes from certain reasons.

The job of a hypnotherapist is to make you aware and bring to your realization that there are many joyous things happening around and you are missing them all. There are certain natural techniques to bring awareness within you and your best place to seek advice is Alternative Realization.

No Hypnosis can Happen until You Desire

I am sure this point will take you to a state of relaxation. But let me also tell you that everyone can be hypnotized. It all depends on you. Hypnosis is a co-creative process. It’s all about trusting your therapist. When you are looking for effective pain management solutions have faith and trust your hypnotherapist.

Unless you have the will to get hypnotized, you won’t get the results you are looking for. Check the experience and educational background as well before you commit.

It’s Not Sleeping

Have you watched anyone meditating for longer duration? If you have then you might see their face turns pale and they seem to be sleeping. But they are not. Same is the case with hypnosis. You are allowed to relax so that you get aware of your surroundings and your body. While in a hypnosis session you may feel asleep.

But it is the hypnotherapist job to keep you aware. He will make sure that you are relaxed, aware and awake. This will help him implement advice in your subconscious more easily.

It takes a minimum of 21 days to create a new habit. So, hypnotherapy sessions are allotted in terms of hours and are divided into daily sessions for cultivating effective results.

Note: We are not trying to demonize the need or importance of medications as we know that these medications are and could be an important factor especially at the beginning for the healing process. Our emphasis and approach is to work with it in conjunction with the medical community and with professionals in the area. On the other hand, we understand the value of perception and misinterpretation that leads to habit forming and to emotional dependence. It is in the value of changing that habit forming that our approach works very well, because we know that what the person really values is to be free from the negative habits that come from the negative thoughts.

You are free to come up with questions in the comments. Post them and I will be happy to answer.